We are excited to offer our premium, high quality coffee to businesses and organizations looking to provide their customers with the best coffee experience.

Welcome to the Business Wholesale section of Big Kahuna Coffee's website.

We offer competitive wholesale pricing to approved applicants who qualify and agree to minimum volume requirements. To apply for wholesale pricing, please fill out the application form on our website or contact our wholesale team at roastmaster@bigkahunacoffee.ca for more information.

As a wholesale customer, you will have access to our full range of coffees, including our popular Ohana - 100% Kona & 50% blend, Tewagi – 100% Ethiopian, and Volcano blend. We source only the finest coffee beans from around the world and roast each batch with care to bring out the unique flavors and aromas of each region and blend.

We understand that businesses have different needs and we are happy to work with you to provide custom solutions that fit your specific requirements. Whether you need coffee for a large or small client base, we can provide the right package to meet your needs.

In addition to our high-quality coffee, we offer equipment solutions, dedicated
customer service and support to ensure that your business has everything it needs to provide a great coffee experience to your customers.

Thank you for your interest in Big Kahuna Coffee's wholesale program. We look forward to working with you to provide the best coffee for your business.